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Good quality, products will talk

     Quality is the lifeline ", this is we always adhere to the product concept, consistent, implement the whole factory.We have won the trust of customers and good reputation in the industry by quality.Our quality control, strict reference to ISO quality management system requirements, through the refinement of every production process, set up SOP for production, convenient staff to perform, in order to avoid preventable errors, by strengthening the intensive manual visual inspection and machine inspection and process control, we provide customers reach or even exceed customer product quality requirements.

    We have to constantly pursue strict quality to achieve the effect of mutual profit, to maximize the interests of the cooperative enterprises, to give employees a better quality of life, delivery on time, the implementation of orders, so that we okai faster to the industry leader

PCBA Design and production

okey"Best design" = "design quality" + "cost control";Based on years of experience in PCBA design and price manufacturing, we have developed detailed and rigorous design management process, quality control standards, QA control system, etc.Design products involved in the field: network communications, industrial control, medical, aerospace, military, computer servers, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, portable equipment, mobile phone board design.

okeyPCBA production positioning 2-16 layer precision circuit template and small batch as the main target market, using advanced production technology and high quality raw materials, strict specification of operating standards and QC standards for incoming and outgoing materials, to ensure the delivery of products to achieve precision quality, and strive to provide customers with better quality, faster, more cost-effective circuit board products.PCBA allegro online order ERP management system is adopted


Trends in purchasing products

    Okai has a wealth of component procurement experience, with many brand suppliers for as long as13Years of partnership.Companies give full play to the scale of procurement and quality control aspects of the competitive advantage, and with various electronic components manufacturers at home and abroad and global signed long-term cooperation agreement, to ensure the quality of the raw material source and stable supply, preferential will be transferred to the customer, long-term IC, resistor, capacitor, inductor, SMD diodes and components purchasing advantages, from the upstream guarantee the quality of PCBA manufacturing.From another aspect, can greatly save the customer's inventory cost, improve the turnover efficiency of production, save time.We choose top raw material suppliers, resistance capacitance health, elegance, samsung, yageo well-known manufacturers long-term cooperation, such as IC class with TI, NXP, CJ, TOSHIBA, FAIRCHILD, has established the good cooperation relations, such as the quality and supply can be guaranteed, and the price advantage.Can help customers to save the cost of raw materials and reduce the risk of customer procurement.

Production and processing of strict specifications

   In the process of processing and manufacturing of PCBA electronic products, material control is particularly important, which directly determines the potential risk of the whole process and avoids the cost of rework in large quantities.Okai circuit has a special material inspection post to check customers' BOM list in detail, and spot check materials using tools such as multimeter and test rack to test to ensure 100% pass, in addition to the shape of incoming materials, degree of oxidation, whether new or not and other key links are also included in the inspection scope.The position staff will countersign the ISO standard inspection documents to ensure traceability of problems.Materials purchased by customers will be transferred to the designated location of the warehouse for strict material control process, including warehousing, verification, sampling, turnover, registration and other links.The material storage environment strictly conforms to the electronic assembly standards to avoid the negative effects of humidity, dust, pollution and static electricity.Before the materials go online, we will carefully check the name and model of the materials again to ensure the accuracy of the feeding process and complete the material control process in the PCBA manufacturing process.