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The company starts from the source to prevent unqualified materials from entering the production line;Adopt the international standard quality management system, and introduce the domestic industry more advanced
Fully automatic injection molding machine, mold processing equipment, automatic packaging system and other production equipment, so that the manufacturing process and technical equipment far ahead
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PCBA production
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PCBA electronic product processing is mainly based on customer product design ...

PCBA electronic product processing is mainly the process of manufacturing the core motherboard based on the customer's product design plan. General customers provide product function specifications, circuit board circuit diagrams, PCB Gerber, BOM (bill of materials), test plans, assembly plans and other information , Professional PCBA electronic product processing manufacturers complete the entire product manufacturing process. Nuo Electronics adheres to the concept of high-end manufacturing and continuously optimizes its internal management and technical level. In the past 8 years, it has provided one-stop PCBA electronic product processing services for domestic and foreign customers. More than 99%, won a good reputation.

PCBA electronic product processing production line

Advantages of Okai Circuit PCBA Electronic Product Processing

PCBA electronic product processing involves a long supply chain. PCBA board processing requires professional process guidance and requires high process capability. Okai Circuit's experienced team can help you complete this task extremely well. "Fast response and absolute professionalism" is the guideline of our team's actions. If any abnormal problems occur during the manufacturing process, we will promptly feedback and resolve them in 1-2 hours. Good service awareness is the characteristic we appreciate in the hearts of many customers. From now on, choose Okey Circuits to make your PCBA electronic product processing and manufacturing requirements perfectly presented.