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Talking about the future development of electric vehicle battery circuit boards
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It is predicted that the production and sales of domestic new energy vehicles will maintain rapid growth in the next 5 years, and the annual compound growth rate is expected to exceed 30% ...

With the diversification of the automotive industry and the increasingly serious environmental problems, the energy diversification strategy has gradually become a consensus for development, and the new energy automotive industry has developed rapidly. As the heart of electric vehicles, power batteries are the key to the development of the new energy vehicle industry. With the support of a series of policies and measures and the efforts of all parties, China's power battery industry has achieved remarkable results. That as a battery

The development prospects of the basic battery circuit board should also be very good.

Rapid growth of power battery scale

    It is predicted that the production and sales of domestic new energy vehicles will maintain rapid growth in the next five years, with a compound annual growth rate expected to exceed 30%. The new energy vehicle market has experienced explosive growth, which has directly driven the rapid growth of the scale of power batteries.

    According to the data compiled by the Prospective Industry Research Institute's China Power Battery PACK Industry Development Prospect Forecast and Investment Analysis Report, in 2015 China's power battery output value was 38 billion yuan, an increase of 262% year-on-year, and the output value was close to digital lithium batteries. In 2016, China's power battery output value was 64.5 billion yuan, surpassing the scale of traditional digital lithium batteries for the first time and becoming the largest sector in the lithium battery consumption structure.

    With the introduction of a new round of promotion policies and the impact of future improvements in lithium battery production technology and cost reduction, the demand for power batteries for new energy vehicles will grow rapidly in the next five years. In 2016, China's automotive power battery output was 30.8GWh It is expected that China's auto power lithium battery output will reach 141GWh in 2020.

Forecast of China's New Energy Vehicle Cumulative Reserves in the Next 5 Years

    From the perspective of domestic power battery companies' capacity, BYD and CATL alone are close to 35GWh. The total production capacity of the top 6 power battery companies exceeds 75GWH. Assuming that these six power battery companies also only supply 32% of passenger car capacity, the power battery industry Production capacity is also basically in excess. The overcapacity of the power battery appears, which will accelerate the differentiation and adjustment of the power battery industry. Only companies with strong competitiveness can stand out.

    At present, China's power battery industry has entered a new stage of development, but there are still many problems in terms of industrial structure, manufacturing processes, and technological innovation. In addition, it is also facing tremendous pressure from the rapid improvement of international vehicle and power battery technologies. China's power battery industry Development and the leading position of new energy vehicles face challenges.

Development recommendations for power battery companies

    From the perspective of power battery companies, the overcapacity situation is becoming more and more obvious. The ternary transformation of power batteries and the increase in energy density are irreversible, but the speed of ternary lithium iron phosphate power batteries may slow down in 2018. In light of this, consider the following recommendations:

    1. Further improve the policies of the new energy vehicle industry, improve the management of new energy vehicle manufacturers' production links, strengthen the sales specifications of new energy vehicle companies, and create a level playing field.

    2. Insist that the management of power batteries is not relaxed, strengthen the industry capacity monitoring, promote the coordinated development of leading companies in the industry chain and scale-efficient enterprises, and promote mergers and reorganizations among similar enterprises.

    3. The technical dimension responds to the double-integration policy, focusing on accelerating the innovation of power battery technology, improving the energy density of power batteries, and breaking through core technologies such as battery charging speed, safety, reliability, and service life.

    Despite facing market pressures such as subsidies and subsidies, 30,000 kilometers of policies, and excess capacity, high-quality capacity gaps are still the logical fulcrum for accelerating investment and expansion of power battery companies. Major brands must adopt their own development model according to their own characteristics, and they need to further enrich the industrial model.