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PCBA repair process and purpose?
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In the PCBA production process, PCBA board is bad for various reasons ..

In the PCBA production process, due to various reasons, the PCBA board is bad, and the repairman needs to perform PCBA repair. The general PCBA repair steps are:

Full board inspection → Power-on inspection → Finding problem points → Self-inspection after repair → Second test → Second full board inspection

The purpose of the full board inspection in the first step is to find out what obvious errors, such as component pasting, missing stickers, missing soldering, missing soldering, fake soldering, etc. The purpose of power-on inspection is to check whether the PCBA board There is a short circuit phenomenon, whether there is a problem in the design process, etc. The post-repair inspection is to ensure that the PCBA board is successfully repaired, and there are no other points that need to be repaired to reach the factory standard.